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Custom School and District Reports
Naviance provides customizable reports for school and district staff

Often, education solutions providers make the measurable important rather than make the important measurable. Naviance delivers reporting and analytics solutions that allow individual schools and districts to set customized benchmarks and goals based on their individual college and career readiness objectives, and provides a framework for school administrators to comply with broader state and federal reporting mandates.

Our college and career readiness platform, Naviance, helps educators to measure progress on a wide variety of key performance indicators (KPIs), including individual learning plans, college application data, and post-secondary outcomes such as college enrollment and completion rates. Through our unique partnerships, such as our collaboration with the National Student Clearinghouse®, schools and districts can create custom reports to track outcomes such as college enrollment and time to college completion for specific groups of students from a school. Schools can also see outcomes for graduates going back up to 8 years.

We empower you to analyze results based on specific segments of your student population, so you can compare year-over-year progress and break down data by any number of criteria, including gender, ethnicity and class year. Educators looking to prepare students for the SAT® or ACT® can even leverage our real-time reporting tools within PrepMe, our online adaptive learning platform, to see how students are performing against college readiness standards, including the Common Core.

The Naviance College and Career Readiness Curriculum also includes a pre- and post-assessment of college and career readiness for each grade level. Schools are able to measure their students’ readiness and effectively target those who are in need of additional support.

College Enrollment and Completion Rates
Report on student outcomes using data from the National Student Clearinghouse, directly from within Naviance.

"Naviance has allowed our district counselors to provide a higher level of service to staff, students, and their families. Additionally, the data collection tools that Naviance provides have enabled us to work smarter."

—Linda Binion, Spotsylvania County Schools

Degree Earned by SAT Score

With Naviance Reporting and Analytics You Can:

  • Track and analyze data from sixth grade through college graduation
  • Track student progress towards your district’s goals
  • Identify students needing intervention
  • Meet external requirements from the state, the district, or the school board
  • Enable educators to ascertain student strengths and weaknesses relative to standards and differentiate classroom instruction

Easy and Engaging Data Collection

  • Analyze student individual learning plans and course plans to help you predict demand for courses
  • Use college reports to view and analyze your school’s college-going rate, the types of schools their students attend, and where individual students matriculate
  • Import data seamlessly from student information systems (SIS) to Naviance
  • Data Sync between SIS and Naviance on a nightly basis (Requires an IT resource to set up)
College Power Score by Gender Chart

Supported Implementation

  • Define scope and sequence to align with reports
  • Schedule automated reports for different stakeholder groups that are tailored to the district’s implementation
  • Create custom reports based on specialized data requirements
  • Strategize with stakeholders to improve performance and outcomes based on reporting

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