As an educator or counselor, you know that every student is unique. Personalized learning is designed to address your students’ individual needs and preferences. It helps teachers, parents and students discover strengths that can be missed in the traditional classroom environment – and, in doing so, boosts students’ confidence and overall academic achievement. It also helps students determine the best path to achieve their full personal potential.

AchieveWORKS’ assessments support a personalized learning approach, working together to provide you with a comprehensive profile of each student’s strengths and challenges and giving students the tools they need to take charge of their own learning. We’ll show you how to enrich each student’s learning environment and help you address every aspect of their learning process – cognitive, social and emotional. Discover how each student learns best, prefers to communicate, and views the world. Review strategies to encourage student engagement in class and deliver instruction that accommodates all learners.

Available online and accessible anytime, anywhere, AchieveWORKS includes personalized student reports that can be shared with parents, helping you motivate them to get involved in their child’s education and contribute to their student’s learning success.

AchieveWORKS includes the following industry leading assessments from Human eSources:

Learning Style Inventory

Knowledge of learning styles helps determine a student’s ideal learning and productivity conditions. Understanding how they work most effectively boosts self-esteem, enhances concentration and improves their ability to take in information.

MI Advantage

Multiple intelligences theory reveals that people employ various intelligences to process information. Assessment empowers students to develop and make optimal use of their strengths in the pursuit of goals and interests, both inside and outside of school.

Do What You Are

Using personality type assessment helps students identify their natural tendencies. They gain confidence and greater self awareness as well as insights that help them make better decisions and take advantage of their innate strengths.

"Do What You Are was very helpful and beneficial in terms of learning about myself and it really did open me up to other career opportunities. It pointed me in the right direction for what I want to do with my future."

—AchieveWORKS Student

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